Tools and Resources for Your Nonprofit

Over the years, Grants 4 Animals has worked with dozens of service providers and used a variety of products to help nonprofits earn more funding. Here are some of the tools, products, services, and companies that I trust to help your nonprofit. 

Sanctuary Websites is dedicated to empowering animal sanctuaries, shelters, and rescues through the creation of donation-driven websites.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide Animal Sanctuaries, Rescues and Shelters with user-friendly, engaging websites that launch quickly and are cost-effective, ultimately boosting your online donations.

With over 12 years of experience specializing in assisting animal-related nonprofits, we've honed our craft and completed over 700 successful projects.

At Sanctuary Websites, we believe in making a difference in the lives of animals. That's why we're committed to helping animal sanctuaries raise more donations online. By leveraging the power of innovative web design and digital marketing strategies, we help you reach a wider audience, inspire action, and secure vital support for your cause.


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As a nonprofit, you are always looking for extra help managing your finances in an easy, efficient, and smart way.

That’s why Grants 4 Animals LLC is excited to share that we have partnered with QuickBooks Online, a tool that helps nonprofits and businesses run their finances.

By using QuickBooks Online, your nonprofit will save time and money because it is designed as a simple, automated, and organized platform that stores all your accounting information in one place. QuickBooks Online also helps with managing grants by using tags and tracking features to make implementation and reporting simple.

Grants 4 Animals uses Quickbooks for bookkeeping and accounting, and that is why I am confident in recommending it to you. We are now offering you a discount on QuickBooks Online using the link below!

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As a business, Grants 4 Animals uses Kajabi to support everything that we do. This includes the website, email newsletter, digital downloads, and online courses. I selected Kajabi because I wanted an all-in-one platform that could integrate all my systems in one place. 

Kajabi is also wonderful if your nonprofit wants a place to offer online trainings or communities. These can also integrate with a website, email marketing, and other offerings. 

As a Kajabi partner, I can offer a 30 Day Free Trial for any nonprofit that wants to explore what Kajabi has to offer!

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