Operating Budget Template

One of the must-have documents for many grant applications is a Current Year Operating Budget.

This is a list of your expected income and expenses for a given year. This template is designed with example categories that will apply to many animal-related nonprofits. Simply fill in the categories you have, delete the ones you don't, and add ones you need. 

What you'll get:

  • Emailed link to a Google Sheet that you can use to easily create an Operating Budget for your nonprofit. 
  • You can use the template as a Google Sheet, or download it as a Microsoft Excel document. 
  • This template does not work well with Apple's Numbers.
  • Email support for your questions.

Please be aware this template (and many others) are already included in the Train Your Own Grant Writer Course. 

Finally, you will be prompted to create a username and password. This is because many of the Grants 4 Animals products require access to the exclusive Grants 4 Animals online library. This template does not (you get it by email), but you'll have a username and password if you ever choose to purchase different items from Grants 4 Animals. 

$10.00 USD

Please familiarize yourself with the Terms and Conditions:

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By purchasing this template, you are granted license to use the download for (1) Your own personal use related to grant writing, and (2) One nonprofit with which you are affiliated as identified at the time of purchase. 

The following actions are prohibited:

(1) Unauthorized replication of the template except for the purposes described above; (2) Attempting to resell or profit from the template without expressed permission from Grants 4 Animals.

Refund Policy:

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