Train Your Own Grant Writer 

Get all my tools, systems, and tips for a successful and sustained grant writing campaign in this comprehensive, self-paced, course. Train Your Own Grant Writer will get you grant ready and take you through the entire grant process in just 30 lessons.


Is your nonprofit experiencing any of these concerns?

  • Inflation has increased the cost of supplies and other operating expenses. So, your typical monthly donations do not cover your expenses.
  • You have¬†heard about other nonprofits earning grants but have no idea where to start.
  • You're concerned about what a potential recession could do to monthly donations and want to diversify your revenue streams.
  • You have some great programs and projects you want to start, but you don't have the funds in your regular operating budget.¬†

Earning grants is one possible solution to help you address all of the above.

If your nonprofit does not already have a grant writing strategy, you absolutely need one. With economic uncertainty and rising prices, you cannot just rely on social media and donors. Not only can grants help you fill in the gaps during uncertain times, they also help you grow your nonprofit and take it to the next level!

"This course gave me everything I needed to succeed in grant writing. The organized lessons and templates provided made it easy to get started. My nonprofit has already benefitted immensely from this course."

- Nonprofit Board Member and Train Your Own Grant Writer Student

"This course covers everything with clear instructions and templates to easily start writing grants. This course helps to organize the NP books so reporting programs are clear. Being a new NP, I am so grateful to have gone through this course so I can start this process correctly since my time is so limited. "

- Nonprofit Leader and Train Your Own Grant Writer Student

"This course was fantastic and extremely helpful to get organized and started on grant writing! It was easy to follow and contained the basics of every step in grant writing. Stephanie also provides so many helpful tips throughout the course."

- Nonprofit Volunteer and Train Your Own Grant Writer Student

The Cost of Grant Writing

Grant writing rates vary widely, with current hourly rates ranging from $30 to $150/hr.

But what if there was a better way? What if you could train a Board Member, staff member, or committed volunteer to implement a sustained and successful grant campaign over time? 

The Train Your Own Grant Writer course is designed to make grant writing affordable to small and medium-sized nonprofits. For the cost of just a few hours of grant writing, you can gain access to all the tools you need to implement a grant strategy in your nonprofit. 

This course is valued at over $2400, but I am offering it for much less to help as many nonprofits and animals as possible. Even the smallest grants recommended in the course are worth $5,000- $10,000. So, if you earn just ONE grant from taking this course, it will more than pay for itself.


The Train Your Own Grant Writer Course includes:

  • 30 self-paced lessons designed to give you the knowledge and guidance to implement a successful grant writing campaign from start to finish.¬†
  • 11 customizable tools and templates for your nonprofit to use while customizing your own system.
  • Tools and suggestions for researching grants to fund your biggest needs.
  • Letter of Inquiry (LOI) templates and examples.
  • Tips and templates for creating project budgets, an essential aspect of grant writing.¬†
  • Examples and considerations specifically tailored to animal-related nonprofits.
  • Researched and vetted grant suggestions updated monthly.
  • Live Q and A sessions for your grant questions.
  • Email support for all your questions.

By the end of this course, your nonprofit will not only have a grant strategy, but you will have researched potential grants, drafted a Letter of Inquiry, and put systems in place to support your grant writer. In fact, you may even find yourself submitting grants before you finish this course!


Can anyone become a grant writer?  

It's a huge myth that you need to be a great writer to earn grants. The reality is that grant writing is about organization, attention to detail, and strategy. While writing skills can be important, it is more important that your nonprofit has all of the following in place:

  • An articulated and pragmatic strategy targeting grants that will support the programs you need most.¬†
  • Preparation for grants by curating financial, formation, and operational documents.
  • A system and workflow for grant research, writing, and reporting.
  • A comprehensive grant team to support the grant writer with research, writing, implementation, and reporting.

The Train Your Own Grant Writer course will help ensure your grant writer or grant writing team is equipped with all the following. These are the actual tools I have used to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for animal-related nonprofits in just the past year. 


I'm Stephanie Mathers

After earning my BA in English, I spent most of my career in secondary education. I served in multiple roles, from high school English teacher to middle school Principal. During this time, I earned a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and an endorsement in Educational Leadership.

I have been writing grants for animal nonprofits and educational institutions for over a decade. My experience ranges from foundational and corporate grants to state and federal grants. Since starting Grants 4 Animals, I have helped earn, manage, and report on over 3 million dollars of grants for animal-related nonprofits. 

Along the way, I developed systems and processes to help any grant writer or nonprofit succeed. Now, I am ready to share my knowledge with you by combining my experiences with grant writing and curriculum design in the Train Your Own Grant Writer course!

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