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Grant writing can be intimidating, especially if your nonprofit has never done it before. Here's a grant writing secret: grant writing is less about writing ability and more about systems and tools to stay organized and go after the right grants for your organization. You should be going after grants. But, to be successful, you'll need to have proven tools and templates. 


Before you start grant writing, you need systems and processes in place for all of the following:

  • Organize key nonprofit information so it's all in one place.
  • Research potential grants and prioritize them based on eligibility and alignment.
  • Track submitted grants.
  • Complete reporting on earned grants.

Simplify your to do list!

A grant writer can charge hundreds of dollars to prepare a grant or perform a basic grant set up for your organization. If that doesn't work for you, you CAN do it yourself with the Grant Tools and Templates Mini-Course!


Your Grant Writing Tools Mini-Course includes:

  • A detailed Grant Research Sheet to track all aspects of grant research and grant writing.
  • A video walk-through of how to use the Grant Research Sheet.
  • A Quick Fact Sheet template to gather and organize important information you will need to write grants.
  • A system for tracking Grant Reporting.
  • A list of documents to have on hand that you will upload with most grants.
  • Detailed instructions for all of the above. 
  • Email support for questions and troubleshooting. 
Grant Writing Tools and Templates

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